PAINTINDIA has built a place for itself as the pioneer and the only journal in the coating industry not only in India, but in the entire Far East. It has all along championed the cause of the coating industry to the extent that the Indian Industry looks upto the journal for objective presentation of news, independent expression of views and dissemination of information in continuing research in coatings and raw materials, and its allied fields. In its continuous pursuit of reader service, Paintindia is now looking to offer something to the end-user of Paints by paying some more attention to the applications aspect of coatings.

Having captured the readership of the entire Indian Coatings industry without exception, PAINTINDIA is now aiming to expand its horizons and readership beyond the shores of India. Recognized as a faithful friend of the Coatings Industry for the last 65 years, it is a sort of Bible for Coating Manufacturers from both the Architectural as well as the Industrial Segments.

The journal is also the backbone for the PAINTINDIA series of exhibitions, the undisputed leading coatings exposition in India, held every 2 years.

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COLOURAGE has a strong brand image as India’s premier monthly magazine in the field of Textile Wet Processing.

In keeping with this image, it mainly focuses on the production and application of dyes, chemicals and allied products used in the colouration of cotton, wool, jute and synthetic fibre fabrics. In order to accord a complete view to the journal, it also touches upon the processing of knitted goods, hosiery and garments. Machinery relevant to this sector is also covered extensively. With the increased thrust on exports in the global free-trade market, a lot of aspects related to quality and compliances have also been included of late.

One of the emerging strengths of COLOURAGE has been its structured format wherein it has categorized its technical content to encompass a wide range of topics relevant to processing, and planned the broad content for the same for a period of over 2 years. It is perhaps the only journal of its ilk the world over to achieve this level of meticulous planning.

COLOURAGE thus reaches all the textile mills, woollen mills, silk and silk art mills, textile processing houses, garment manufacturers, garment processors, Knitwear manufacturers, hosiery manufacturers, export process houses, speciality chemicals manufacturers etc. It is also abstracted by various national and international abstracting agencies.

Bearing testimony to the strong brand image is the respect that it enjoys in the Industry, both in India as well as abroad, and also the fact that it is in its 62th year of publication.

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POPULAR PLASTICS AND PACKAGING is India’s premier Techno-commercial magazine for the Plastics Processors and users, catering to the needs of the Plastics and Polymer Industries as well as the Plastics Packaging Industry across the globe. The complete spectrum of the industry is regularly featured in the journal. These are Raw Materials and Feedstock, Processing Machinery, Packaging, Dies and Moulds, Instrumentation, Polymers and Petrochemicals.

Its coverage of national as well as international news along with its strong technical content and its reach amongst end-users ensure a large readership. It is the Indian member of the forum of international plastics publications, and continues to be associated with leading Indian and overseas technical and trade bodies.

The journal is growing from strength-to-strength even as it has completed over 60 years of service to the industry.

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