Nanotechnology for Surface Coatings


Fundamentals & Applications in Paints & Allied Products

By Vinayak M. Natu

Many literature articles and books have been published over the last decade on a wide range of topics related to nanotechnology; however, a comprehensive treatment on the topic, focusing on the highly multi-disciplinary field of coatings and allied products has not been available so far. Mr. Natu’ s greatest contribution through this book is making nano material science and technology accessible to students as well as industrial scientists and technicians who are interested in this field. He hos endeavored to make this knowledge accessible to practicing technologists.



Information on nanotechnology’s promise for coatings, nano materials such as inorganic nanoparticles ore nowadays commonly available for research and development groups working in this technology. What is missing today is easy access to the vast knowledge base that hos been developed over the some period of time. Mr. Natu’ s greatest contribution from this book is making that knowledge available to the coating specialists in a comprehensive package.

This book is a culmination of the author’s excursion into nanotechnology over three years where he tried to comprehend nanomoteriols with curiosity to identify opportunities for practicing technologists, concerned with architectural and industrial coatings alike. The book opens with the introductory chapters on nanotechnology. It then deals with the chemistry and applications of various nano materials. While the special function nano-coatings have been described, one is conscious that such a list will always remain incomplete due to the rapid developments in the field. The book goes on to discuss extensively the methods of production of nano materials and the techniques of for their characterization.

The author Vinayak M Natu is a physical chemist by education and possesses rich R&D experience of over three decodes in the coolings and allied industries. He is a well known figure in the Indian coating industry for his scientific competence.