ICMBA 2019 - Content

Specialty Fillers for Thermoplastics and their Dispersing – Ashish Kothavade, 20 Microns, India
Nucleating & Clarifying Agents for PP Compounds – Ryo Yokoyama, Adeka, Japan
High Performance Pigments for Thermoplastics – Hitendra Kumar Tewari, Anshan HiFiChem Co. Ltd., China
Pigment Innovations for brilliant, safe and durable Thermoplastics – Marc Dumont, BASF Pigments, Switzerland
Innovative Pelletising Solutions for Higher Efficiency – Uwe Neumann, CSO-ECON, Austria
HFFR Technology for Thermoplastics – Souvik Sengupta, Clariant, India
Testing and QA for Masterbatches and Compounds – Gunter Mullerferli, Dr Collin, Germany
Processing of PLA – Fraser Bruce, Farrel, UK
Dispersing Additives for Polyolefin Masterbatches – Sameer Ghaisas, Fine Organics, India
Optimisation of TiO2 Loading for White and Colour Masterbatches – Andy White, FP-Pigments, Finland
Additives for Biodegradable Plastics – Umesh Anand, HPL Additives, India
Thermal Management in Plastics Applications – Mario Neunhaus, Huber Martinswerke, Germany
Brominated Flame Retardants for Thermoplastics – Daisy Weihua Li, ICL, Israel
Manufacturing of Highly-Filled Masterbatches – Rajesh Sonar, Kabra Extrusiontechnik, India
Extrusion Technologies for Blacks and Metallics – Sabastian Frass, Leistritz, Germany
Specialty Repellent Additives for Thermoplastics – Karan Shah, Lifeline Technologies, India
Landscape of Pelletising Technology for Masterbatches – Pawan Kumar, MAAG, Germany
Mixers for Colour Masterbatches – Yash Parikh, Neoplast, India
Anti-Microbials for Thermoplastics – Indumathi Ramakrishnan, N9 World Technologies, India
Innovations in Colours and Additives for Packaging – R. Rangaprasad, Packaging 360, India
Automation in Masterbatch Manufacturing – Dhruv Shah, Prasad Group, India
IR Reflectance Pigments for Thermoplastics – Russel Pemberton, Shepherd Color, Australia
Solutions for Polymer Modification – Dr. John Yun, SI Group, USA
UV Stabilisation of Masterbatches and Compounds – Catherine Malchaire, Songwon, Belgium
Innovative Manufacturing Solutions for Masterbatches – Speaker from Steer Engineering, India
Extrusion Technologies for Masterbatches – Carsten Meyer, Theysohn, Austria
Anti-Oxidants for Thermoplastics – Chandrashekhar Joshi, Veeral Additives, India
*Programme subject to minor changes